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  • Minimum length of 8 characters.
    The password must have a minimum strength of Medium
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  • Required phone number format: #### ### ###
  • Business Information

  • • Veteran Community Owned – Your business has a greater than 50% shareholding by a VCBC member/s
    • Veteran Community Founded – Your business currently has less than 50% shareholding from a VCBC member/s however was founded by VCBC member/s with 50% or more shareholding
    • Veteran Community Supporter – Individuals/Corporations who demonstrate active support including a focus on veteran employment and VCBC procurement programs
    • General Member – In the veteran community, interested in entrepreneurship however not looking to register a business at this stage
  • Upload To be verified as a veteran community-owned business, please upload a copy of any of the following;
    • DVA card
    • PMkeys Print out
    • Any correspondence from DCO or DVA with your name and address visible
    • Official documentation with your name and Pmkeys
    • Proof of partner service using any of the above methods.
    • proof of more than 50% shareholding in the case of a PTY LTD company
    These proofs can be verified at a later stage, if required.

    What does membership mean to you? Here’s a soldier’s 5.

    For veterans, partners and serving members

    • Access to our online registry where you can promote your business both within our community and to the nation. Join the #buyveteran movement
    • Exclusive access to online training modules from Australia’s most elite entrepreneur education provider –  The Entourage, valued at over $1200.  
    • Invitations to join network referral groups who to be matched with by location and synergies within business
    • Access to educational workshops and online recordings to grow your business acumen
    • Exclusive connections with industry-leading subject matter experts who will donate their time in live Q&A sessions. Sales, digital marketing, accounting, branding, systems and operational delivery amongst others.
    • Discounts on software platforms such as CRM’s.

    The biggest benefit is the community. Connect with people who understand your journey and speak your language. The baseline trust in the connection with a veteran is very powerful when it comes to business. It is probably our strongest leverage point in supporting each other.

    Initial membership cost for approved veteran community members. 

    Nothing, $0.00, Zip, Free