Unleash the potential of
the Veteran Community
through entrepreneurship.

Veteran Community Business Chamber (VCBC) is the leading organisation for supporting entrepreneurship and small businesses in the military community.

Committed to veterans, transitioning service members and their families.

Veteran Community Owned Businesses

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What we Stand for?

Our Pillars


We’ve walked your path, we speak your language. We served together then, we’ve still got your back. Join the movement.


We know you’ve got great skills from your service, but let’s learn about marketing, sales, cashflow, account and a digital footprint and you’re good to go.


Let’s be proud of our past and embrace our future. Together, we are stronger than you can ever imagine. The first step is to stake the flag and identify as a veteran community owned business. #buyveteran

Digital Transformation

It’s not just about a website, but a digital presence. Social media and digital marketing are here to stay. Don’t put up a poster, create an audience, engage with them, connect them to your vision.

Our Supporters


What they say about us

“Being a Veteran owned small business, having been introduced to and subsequently joining the Veteran Community Business Chamber (VCBC) with like minded Veteran business people, it’s like having a support team that speaks my language and backs our community.”

Stuart, AEGIR Marine Pty Ltd

"Business is my passion. As a veteran who has moved from the military into entrepreneurship, I have connected with my purpose for the next chapter of my life. I’m here to support others on the journey."

Shaun, Ex-tra specialists

"Embracing the skills I’ve learned from my military career has given me a distinct advantage when it comes to business. Connecting with this community has helped me enhance my business acumen as well as share my lessons learned with others."

Dan's Building Co

Veteran Community owned & operated business

Become a member now

For Veterans, partners and serving members. Become a member today to join the fastest growing movement in our community. Some benefits you will receive include access to our online veteran community owned business registry, invitations to join veteran network referral groups, access to educational workshops, exclusive connections with industry-leading subject matter experts and discounts on software platforms just to mention a few.

Dare to be different, join us.